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Roller Conveyor Shot Blasting Machine

Abstract: If you are looking for new roller conveyor shot blasting machine for sale, factory price, brand, made in China, hot sale, direct seller, and overseas roller conveyor shot blasting machine from professional manufacturer, supplier and factory, please feel free to contact Puhua Heavy Industrial Group, we are always at your needs of CE, customized, professional, competitive, high precision, new and good quality, and Puhua roller conveyor shot blasting machine. And welcome to wholesale products with good quality and professional design from us.
Detailed description

Detailed Product Description:
Product Feature:Q69 series through type shot blasting machine Absorbs the advantages of similar products at china and abroad,Adopt the efficient shot blasting machine,full curtain and flow curtain type separator;sweep part adopts special high strength nylon roller and high pressure fan level second cleaning device;Preheating and drying part uses many kinds of heating method;Spraying part adopts high pressure airless method.
Range of application:Q69 series through type shot blasting machine mainly used for steel surface treatment,also used for the surface cleaning and strengthening of metal structural parts.

The effective cleaning width(mm)The room feed-in size(mm)The length of workpiece(mm)The speed of wheel conveyor(m/min)The thickness of cleaning steel sheet(mm)Quantity of shot blasting (kg/min)The first enclosed quantity(kg)Airness capacity(m3/h)Total power(kw)
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