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Specification For General Operation Of CNC Turret Punch Press

Qingdao Puhua Heavy Industrial Group | Updated: Dec 02, 2015

General practice is:
1, before using the CNC turret punch press, will prejudice the security or objects out of the workspace.
2, close the valve of the air compressor, open air compressor power supply.
3, clean the table, opened after the main power, see if the empty machine running status exception, check the air pressure.
4, making the input surface programs and ready tool required to confirm this picture.
5, when preparing the tool 1) to choose the most suitable tool dimensions. 2) correction mold. 3) confirm the clearance. 4) on measuring modes length, decided to install location. 5) determines the lower mold thickness. 6) to select the correct intermediate rings. 7) select appropriate stripper.