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Single Punch Or Die Without Forcing Method

Qingdao Puhua Heavy Industrial Group | Updated: Dec 02, 2015

General refers to can production, and manufacturing, and processing a species energy, and raw materials, and semi-finished products, and finished of series mechanical electrical equipment; it can is a article line, and a production workshop, and a full of factory or sets device facilities and the has above basic features of production facilities, its value can from hundreds of thousands of Yuan to billions of Yuan; it by including of mechanical electrical equipment can is several Taiwan to hundreds of Taiwan (sets); can is a a professional of single equipment, also can including several, and more than 10 a professional, as steel, and traffic, and mechanical, and electronic and Military, petroleum, chemical,water (water), power, household appliances, food processing, textile,construction and decorating equipment, and including ancillary equipmentimported with the equipment. In accordance with the "complete set" concept, anindependent single punch or die functions do not belong to "equipment". Sothere is no need to force method.