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Saudi Arabian Customers Ordered Four Equipment From Qingdao Puhua

Qingdao Puhua Heavy Industrial Group | Updated: Aug 11, 2017

Two customers from Saudi Arabia visited our factory last month, they are interested in our shot blasting machine, sand blasting room, painting room and drying room.

Our engineers and sales persons introduced the company, they are very interested when the customers know that we have already exported more than 60 countries.

After that, our engineer detailed introduced our design which designed according to the requirement of customer job, also answer some questions which the customers interested. The customers are very satisfied with our engineer technology and design.

Our engineer guide the customers to visit our workshop, they are satisfied with our site environment and detail processing. They are shocked when our engineer told them we can produce special CNC punching machine for up to 25mm thickness plate. They are also interested in CNC punching machine and told us will keep in touch with the other project.

After discussing technology and price, the customers made a decision and ordered four equipment from our company, shot blasting machine, sand blasting room, dry type painting room and drying room. The amount of this contract is over 300,000 dollar. The customers told me they had visited other four company but choose us, we are very proud of stand out from the competitors.


Now we are producing these equipment for the customers.

Sand blasting room 01.jpg

Sand blasting room 02.jpg


New design of AMD-357.jpg