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Punching Machines Normal Operation Rules

Qingdao Puhua Heavy Industrial Group | Updated: Dec 02, 2015

Punching machines normal operation rules:
1. Press workers must be trained, the master device structure, performance, familiar with the operation and to obtain operation permits before they can operate independently.
2. Security and control device on the proper use of the equipment, shall be arbitrarily removed.
3. inspect the tool machine the drive, connections, lubrication and other parts and protection device correctly, install die screw firmly, do not move.
4. the machine should be empty before running 2-3 minutes, check foot brake control device, such as flexibility, known before use, not in spite of running.
5. mold a solid upper and lower die are to ensure correct position, washed with hands moving try turning machine (empty cars), to ensure that working in mold in good circumstances.