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Professional Shot Blasting Machine Manufacturers Tell You How To Operate The Shot Blasting Machine Correctly!

Qingdao Puhua Heavy Industrial Group | Updated: Jan 04, 2018

Shot blasting machine the correct operating procedures:


Tumble Belt Shot Blasting Machine

1, the operation of shot blasting machine equipment strict implementation of fixed-job training posts, familiar with the performance and characteristics of the aircraft.

2, Be familiar with the operating procedures, use, repair and maintenance of the shot blasting machine manual.

3, the operator must check the control panel (panel) all kinds of switches are in the desired setting position (including the power switch) before they can boot, so as to avoid malfunction, damage to electrical and mechanical equipment, resulting in equipment accidents.

4, non-local operators shall not be free to operate or touch the electrical switch control area, and may not be close to the local work area, in order to avoid accidents.

5, the operator must wear protective overalls, glasses and so on.

6, Operators pay special attention to all kinds of instruments on the panel when they are turned on. When all the instruments reach their normal values, they can operate the small cranes (roller conveyors) into the work program. If it is found that the individual instrument indicates a larger error (not normal) immediately shut down. Check the equipment troubleshooting before normal boot.

7, equipment operation, the operator must inspect the equipment for abnormal noise and overheating of various parts of the device. When the equipment is found to have a serious fault in operation, it will stop for repair according to the "emergency stop" button and cooperate with professionals to eliminate the equipment fault.

8, the operator must be shot blasting machine equipment by "equipment management" for routine maintenance and weekly maintenance (including lubrication). Clean the dust and debris in the dust collector in a timely manner every week so as not to affect the quality of dust removal and ensure the equipment is in good condition.

9, the operator must achieve civilized production and safety production at the same time strictly implement the shift system.

10, the work is over, immediately cut off the power switch, so that the shot blasting machine equipment in operation. And clean up the workplace.