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My Company Steel Pipe Outer Wall Shot Blasting Machine Equipment Description

Qingdao Puhua Heavy Industrial Group | Updated: Jan 04, 2018

Steel Pipe Outer Wall Shot Blasting Machine equipment description


Steel Pipe Outer Wall Shot Blasting Machine

Equipment using electromagnetic speed control, high-speed feeding and sending, to ensure that the workpiece shot completely enhanced.

Equipment used shallow pit design, installation and maintenance easy.

The use of a large shot blasting machine (Swiss + GF + · DISA Blasting Technology) centrifugal blasting machine, significantly improve the cleaning efficiency, you can get a satisfactory cleaning quality.

With the receiving pill hopper and screw conveyor to collect the workpiece, scattered shots.

Blasting time with cumulative timing function to guide the replacement Blasting Blades and other wear parts.

Simulated projectile maps (including the model number of shot blasting machines, the determination of the number and location of spatial layout, etc.) and the full drawings of the shot blasting machine are all completely CAD-based. The selection and arrangement of shot blasting machines is more reasonable. Improve the utilization of projectiles and labor productivity, to ensure the cleaning effect, reducing the bodyguard wear.

ZGMn13 clean indoor use for protection, the use of special nuts fixed nut, replacement simple and convenient, long service life, shot blasting equipment is currently the best room body protection board.

Separator using the US company BE-curtain-type separator technology, good separation.

Projectile control system using our own research and development of gas-controlled valve control, simple and reliable.


Steel tube shot blasting machine composition and structure:

Outer wall shot blasting machine is a new type of shot blasting equipment. It consists of front annex room, shot blast cleaning room, shot blasting device assembly, rear attachment room, ball material recycling purification system, roller conveyor, platform ladder, dust removal system and electric control Part of the composition (see the master plan). The machine's plate welding parts have been shot peening to improve anti-rust properties and paint adhesion.