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How Can I Improve Punch Die Life

Qingdao Puhua Heavy Industrial Group | Updated: Dec 02, 2015

Precision stamping die mold durability, actual production, metal stamping products, trademark much longer die life. Improve the die life is a comprehensive issue, in addition to the right to choose a mold material, but should also be in the mold design and manufacture, work conditions, effects of mould material properties, affecting the process of mold manufacturing design, effect of blanking clearance, died when using lubrication and precision stamping equipment fully improved and enhanced. Explained here JinZhiDe mechanical systems, the main method of improving precision stamping die life:
1, reduce external loads exerted in stamping die
Materials, production processes, from punch preform design, process optimization, lubrication systems, precision stamping mould shapes and so on.
2, increase the punch strength