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Floor Shot Blaster Working On Concrete

Qingdao Puhua Heavy Industrial Group | Updated: Nov 23, 2018

Advantage of floor shot blaster working on concrete floor surface

mobile shot blasting machine 1

Floor shot blaster is the preferred method of preparing large area floor surfaces and those where the finish of the floor surface must be cleaned and textured to establish the best adhesive properties; blasting also has the advantage of re-texturing any existing profile.
The actual process of blast cleaning involves tiny steel balls (shot) being thrown at the surface to be cleaned via a high velocity rotating blast wheel. By varying the speed of the blasting machine, the rate of flow of shot & the size of the shot, differing surface textures can be achieved. This process conditions the floor surface, leaving a profile that allows coatings to gain both physical and chemical adhesion.
All of our shot blasting machines use dust free technology, where the used abrasive and contaminants are vacuumed up into a dust collector; a totally enclosed process which is environmentally friendly, efficient and also very cost effective.