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Filter Dust Collector How Effective Dust Removal?

Qingdao Puhua Heavy Industrial Group | Updated: Jul 12, 2017


First of all, under the filter dust collector equipment is a kind of dust removal equipment?

Filter dust collector equipment to distinguish the words into a lot of models, filter cartridge needs to be made into a large number of models, the cost of the cost of the customer's friends according to the size of the air to design.

If the nature of the filter element from the filter dust filter is the important factor in determining which type of dust filter is suitable for the treatment of the dust. Under normal circumstances filter cartridge filter polyester fiber is more, high temperature is not very high. The general temperature of the temperature at 100 degrees Celsius below. Of course, there are high temperature special material, but the cost is too high to do inappropriate. Of course, if you have a special request we Qingdao Puhua Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. can meet.

But the only drawback is that if you require a special filter cartridge material, accessories are likely to need us to purchase. In the production schedule may need more than ordinary dust collector equipment in the construction period of time longer.


Qingdao Puhua Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. What are the advantages of filter dust collector equipment?

1, according to the conditions of environmental requirements module combination of 2m3 / h above the air volume.

2, touch screen PLC automatic control, easy to observe the working state.

3, external fan occupied by the box, air volume can greatly increase.

4, the filter automatically online cleaning, no need to stop the host other operations, when the filter surface saturation and resistance to a certain allowable value when the injection valve automatically open, and in the host work process in turn on the filter unit alone back blowing clean.

5, the internal use of high efficiency filter cartridge as a filter element, moisture resistance, high strength, significantly increased the handling capacity.

6, good sealing, compact structure, free secondary dust, saving area.

7, long life, without frequent replacement of filter components, up to five years of maintenance-free, so that the dust collector is always in good working condition.

8, compressed air automatically blown clean, effective filter material regeneration, no paste phenomenon, low pressure loss, reduce fan energy consumption, and energy saving.

9, sub-micron filter, no chimney can be directly discharged.

10, the import of injection valve, its life more than 1 million times, energy-saving compressed air consumption, compared with the traditional dust collector, the injection pressure can be reduced by more than 30%.

11, the use of 1um adjustable filter, can effectively prevent the inhalation of water and oil containing particles of debris (optional).


Qingdao Puhua Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. filter dust removal effect of how?

Qingdao Puhua Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. filter dust collector unit is the current dust removal efficiency of dust removal equipment, filter, injection valve, the control system are using world famous imported products. Filter element using polyester peritoneal burning method and become a superfilm, the submicron particle filtration efficiency of up to 99.99%, compressed air blowing dust to restore the filter, the control system using man-machine interface, can achieve automatic control The

Qingdao Puhua Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. filter dust collector is how the principle of design?

Qingdao Puhua Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. Environmental filter dust collector unique design, from the sink box after the vertical structure, to the simple maintenance department are trying to simplify its maintenance, so that the filter replacement more secure, faster and easier. Because the dust unit has a long service life and excellent dust collection and cleaning capacity, so to ensure long operation, but when the need to replace the filter, the fast, easy or even tools can be disassembled and facelift.

In normal operation, such as: gravity, inertial force, collision, electrostatic adsorption, screening and so on. Dust air from the top of the entrance into the filter type dust collector, the larger dust particles due to cross-sectional area increases, the wind speed and improve the direct settlement, the smaller dust particles through the filter. Dust is trapped outside the filter cartridge, clean the air through the cartridge center into the clean air chamber, and then by the outlet by the fan discharge. As the filter continues, the filter dust and dust on the surface of the cartridge are increasing, and as the filter continues to rise, solid state control will manipulate the solenoid valve to open an air diaphragm valve, and the high pressure air will flow directly into the Select the filter center, the dust collected on the surface of the filter cleaning a clear, so that filter cartridge regeneration. The dust is with the main air flow, and under the action of gravity down into the dust bucket. Cycle, continuous filtration, so that equipment is continuously guaranteed.