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Advantages Of Mechanical CNC Turret Punch

Qingdao Puhua Heavy Industrial Group | Updated: Mar 14, 2017

Mechanical CNC turret punch is through computer software programming control turntable wheel on a number of molds for a number of holes on a plate to achieve batch stamping CNC automation equipment. The main application of the industry, including machinery, electrical appliances, hardware, etc., especially the metal sheet, is the most widely used mechanical CNC turret punch industry.

The appearance of the mechanical turret punch is achieved in an automated production with a simple turret punch, which is simple, time-saving and efficient. But the technical staff in the operation of CNC turret punch press must pay attention to the problem: before use. Carefully read the product instructions, different products have different ways to use, we must carefully understand, to ensure that the location of the various parts of the extreme role in order to prepare the problem in time to find the problem and solve.

Mechanical CNC turret punch is the processing of sheet metal products necessary machine, machine is divided into bed, punch, transmission parts, feeding platform, clamping parts, systems and so on. Which refers to the body of the casting body and welding body; system, then there are IPC, PIC points.

Mechanical CNC turret punch can be used to ensure the efficiency of the upgrade, more suitable for large sheet metal processing, of course, can not avoid the shortcomings is not suitable for large tonnage processing. There are many types of mechanical CNC turret punch press, according to the processing of the workpiece and the requirements of choice, which has a mechanical CNC turret punch press, affordable, it is because it is mechanical CNC turret punch, so to ensure the upper and lower concentricity, Improve the accuracy of processing to ensure that the product of the pass rate.

Finally, the emphasis on the use of mechanical CNC turret punch presses should pay attention to maintenance of CNC punch, regular oil change, check the circuit and the drive system is normal, in strict accordance with the correct use of the order of operation CNC machine turret punch, do not arbitrarily disrupt the order operation, To prevent problems. The last moment to remain vigilant, and machinery to keep in a safe range, pay attention to their own safety.