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2017 Good Start: Canada Customers Order 4 Sets CNC Punching Machine

Qingdao Puhua Heavy Industrial Group | Updated: Mar 16, 2017

On February 8, Qingdao Amada company signed with the Canada customer two servo CNC turret punching machine, two hydraulic CNC turret punching machine order agreement, achieve 2017 good start:

The signing of the order thanks to Qingdao Amada unremitting R & D investment, as well as a large number of preparatory work of various departments, Qingdao Amada make punch and servo motor combination, to achieve faster speed, high precision, low noise, low energy consumption performance advantages, welcomed by customers!
In the process of follow up the order, the business
department has always been in close contact with customers, customer requirements in a timely manner to convey the Ministry of Technology, after repeated communication, our company program obtains customer recognition. Customers arrived in our company today to conduct field visits, and accompanied by the company leadership, the whole process of watching the equipment test machine, the company's performance in all aspects of CNC punch are beyond customer expectations, customers signed four equipments contract!


It is reported that this customer in the local have greater influence, and has branch offices in the United States, after CNC punching machine installed and use, the branch will continue to purchase other specifications of the machine, the signing of the contract for the future to carry out more cooperation laid the foundation!