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Rust sand blasting machine

Qingdao Puhua Heavy Industrial Group | Updated: Dec 02, 2015

The advantages of using open blasting machine:
Instead of pickling and phosphating process, there is no problem of sewage charges. Quick sand blasting derusting, in parallel with the changes in surface roughness, can also remove weld slag, Burr, Burr. High efficiency, low cost, good quality, unmatched by traditional chemical and rust by hand. After sandblasting paint quality, coated long life, is a general technique currently used internationally.
Open blasting machine works:
This machine uses the send-pressure blasting (peening) bodies, namely the use of compressed air in the high-speed flow in high pressure high pressure tank, sand through sand to lose control in the high pressure tank spray, then high speed with compressed air spray gun nozzle onto the surface, achieve the purpose of sandblasting process.