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Conserving energy and protecting the Earth

Qingdao Puhua Heavy Industrial Group | Updated: Dec 02, 2015

2010 to 2014 during, rich Kwai company implementation energy-saving emissions technical project over 20 items, input technical funds over 90 million Yuan, which contains ice water machine added polarization oil upgrade efficiency improved, and ice water machine condensation device ball type cleaning energy-saving improved, and empty pressure heat recycling supply hostel hot, set dust device PID control system, and air conditioning wind Cabinet, and set dust device added loaded frequency device improved, and manufacturing site import energy-saving Airsoft, and water way energy-saving transformation, and empty pressure machine automatically discharge device, and T5 lamp instead LED lamp, UV laser technology energy-saving waste heat recovery, eliminating high energy-consuming motors, oven use high efficiency motors, motor energy efficiency standard, building energy management center and other projects. Investment of 90 million Yuan, a radical reform, environmental protection and energy saving, demonstrate corporate leadership courage and determination to fulfill our social responsibility.